Melodies and wandering images

Julie Devonin by Vincent Van Utterbeeck

Julie Devonin


Julie Devonin is a composer, songwriter, singer and actress.

Originally from the south of France, Julie Devonin found her inspiration in Belgium. She then evolved within different artistic disciplines, particularly in music, dance and comedy, where she writes, composes and performs according to her desires.

“During my studies of Art of jewellery and gems and through the creation of jewellery, I developed my creative thinking. I also created pieces that carry messages and tell stories. There, I discovered my vital balance between creating and narrating.

It is then as a self-taught person that I transposed this process to the artistic domains that define my lifestyle.

Each project requires a reflection around the discipline that would be the most adapted to express the messages and the stories.

Until 2005, I photographed life with disposable cameras. A period transcribing an adolescence full of color. I exhibited this collection Ado-Récente alongside Denis Tancredi and Sandra Eterovic during the artists’ paths in Namur. It is for me an instinct, a game, a passion.

In 2005, I started to perform on stage and write songs, some of which are part of the project JuDe where I composed and sang with a guitar.

In 2013, I picked up digital photography. It seems that the practice of snapshots is an essential characteristic of my work. More and more abstract photographs followed.

In 2016, I began showcasing my photographs, paired with poetry, in the Urban Flowers project.

In 2019, I produced my 7-track demo One recorded in home studio with the help of Jérôme Van Den Bril on second guitar (Lylac, Sonnfjord), Cédric Folie on mastering, Kevin Matagne and Nicolas Callandt.

In 2020, I made a very personal video clip, by the fire, in homage to my very first song written in English and French: To hack something to pieces.

Today, I continue to promote my projects in exhibitions and concerts.”