JuDe by Vincent Van Utterbeeck



Julie Devonin alias JuDe writes and performs songs full of emotion from singular and unusual situations.

In a one-woman show with her guitar, she brings you into her unexpected universe, with a power that is just as fragile.

A musical universe inspired by a road trip between Beth Gibbons, PJ Harvey, Cat Power and Gillian Hills in a 72 Chevrolet Chevelle. Her voice is a mix between Tori Amos and Patti Smith with the softness of Big Maybelle.

Her songs, sometimes in English and sometimes in French, tell of absurd contradictions with their perfect inconsistencies, of unusual situations with moments of eternity and the vivid emotions of human lives.

Her melodies create a space where emotions reach you before words.

“A penetrating voice, a remarkable guitar… and a surprisingly mischievous ballet. We thought we would just smile and enjoy the fantasy. But we ended up touched, with emotions intertwining like fireworks”

Artists’ paths Profondsart-Limal 7th edition 2018

“Original compositions with intense messages. Lively music, full of emotion and bare simplicity.”

2018 Poetry House Namur – Opening act for Didier Laloy


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Concert (Electro-Folk)
Opening act for Nicolas Michaux