Fleur Urbaine Julie Devonin
Fleur Urbaine Julie Devonin
Fleur Urbaine Julie Devonin

Urban Flowers

Images, illustrated with spontaneous shots and singing words, assembled to stick together and to dance.

In a time where asphalt covers the land, the so-called weeds find their way between the paving stones. Creating a harmony for those who know how to grasp it and look at it.

These are the flowers that are born in the mind as poems. These are the images that appear to the eye, in a moment of eternity.

Assembled by the magic of fate, they question, they open doors and let you meditate.

Urban flowers cannot be explained, they are felt and experienced. They accompany us on our way and they color the surface of our world, whether we pay attention to it or not.

I present to you, here, the result of four years of capturing and transcribing these moments. The echo of a generation perceived through the senses of a woman who looks and hears a reality.

They are presented as cards in a box.

You will also find them in video format with a soundtrack during a projection.

You will be able to discover them in a nature or urban route, so that they can be “Urban Flowers”

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2019 – N°7


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